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Don’t Give Me A Death Sentence


Hi! I am Chocolato, a cream colored lab. You will see me with my owners almost every Wed, at Sentosa beach, competiting laps with my owners and rolling in the sand. Most visitors at the beach are happy to see me goofing around them, and most of them think, what a lucky dog I am. Yes! Lucky is an understatement! My life nearly ends with euthanasia when I was a pup. I was a very unfortunate puppy; I was borne with Genetic Hip Dysplacia! My current owners bought me from a local dog farm for their pet shops. 1 month after my arrival, they began to notice that I had a difficult time standing up and I was in constant pain. A visit to the vet confirms the worst. The vet told them I will be a burden to them, they would never be able to sell me, and they would have to spend lot of money on my medicine and eventually I will grows up to be a very aggressive dog because the pain will made me a very sick and annoyed pup. The suggestion was to put me to sleep! Tears well up in their eyes, they refused to kill me for something I did not asked to be borne with. They tried to raise money for me to have a hip replacement surgery that will cost them more than $8000. Then SARS hit, pet industry wasn’t doing the best, but all that didn’t stop them from protecting me from Death. They spent money to continue my medicine to ease my pain in the hip and the deformity that made me weak in my legs. After speaking to countless vets and pet therapists, they met someone, who has a dog with my similar condition. He told them to let me swim! Water gives me minimum pressure and exercising my legs will ensure that my muscles will not go wasted. Hydrotherapy is the cheapest way to help their poor little pup. Since then, Wed has been declared an OFF DAY, we go swim and sunbathing! We sure have a ball of time together! And you know what?! My legs are stronger, and my muscles are getting leaner! MOST IMPORTANTLY I AM NOT GOING TO DIE A MAN-DECIDED DEATH! It has been a year, and I am proud to say, I did not grow up to be an aggressive dog, in fact the nurse and vet assistants at the hospital often praise me for being the sweetest dog who just love blowing kisses on their faces. Please, give those with Hip Dysplacia a second chance to live, because we want to let you know that the world is such a beautiful place. Come and watch me swim this Wed!