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I am back from Japan!! I was at Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. Although the stuff are really expensive, it is really attractive, kinda makes you hate yourself for not been richer. The memorable incidents are just gonna stay with me for a lifetime, let me share them with you:

-Having my pic taking with "Superstar Lassie", though he dun smell as good as my own dog, he is truly a charismatic fella with gorgeous full collar! Really handsome for a Rough Collie!!

-Taking on the Japan subway all alone and travelling to Kobe Port from Sanomiya without getting myselk lost. I am proud of myself. I had a good time on my own, taking beautiful pic of the port, riding on the giant Ferris Wheel and visiting Mosaic Garden. Yes, I am a werido, I like to take time off, just to spend it alone with me, myself and Cindy.

-Joining the queue for the "Jurassic Park" adventure ride took almost an hour, but all was paid off when the seemingly peaceful ride purges down a sudden steep slope, sending splashes into the ride. It really caught me off guard and made me screamed my head off.

-The luxurious KOBE BEEF had me salivating just by recalling its tenderness! Fat is evenly marbled and it dissolved in your mouth, filling it with sweetness and juiciness. But it come with a extortionately price tag, of 6000yen, that’s about S$100, for a tiny piece of steak. Well if you see it in the picture above, the chef looks damn delicious as well.

-The ladies in Japan will make you feel so ashamed of yourself if you are not well-groomed! It seems that all of them wakes up every morning, at 6am, to have their hair done up like Ayumi Hamasaki, their super-thick lashes is coated with at least a ton of mascara, and their nails are never without polish or nail art. Well they certainly dress to kill! Always in their tip top conditions. I often find myself staring at them with my mouth wide opened. They are just amazing!!

-And last but not least, a little eatery shop beside my hotel, Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers, located just beside McDonald’s. It serve the most authentic japanese food at such a reasonable price. You can have it till your tummy burst up with 1000yen (abt S$15), and hot/cold tea is free-flow. It has the most superb Ra-men, Tempura, Jap-family style omelette, Grilled Mackerel and many more…..

It’s like a dream. Well I have to wake up and move on…. Next stop, Tokyo! But must wait til my boyfriend strike 4D first lah.