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Xmas Eve 2005

Perhaps, I am really getting old… just 2 more months to that dreadful 30! As much as I wanted to stop the clock… 2005 just sped past me at top speed! Soon it was X’mas eve and a week after that, 2006 will be here…I am so not ready to face the new beginning… Wendy 

YantingParanoid on X’mas eve, I declared that I will be boycotting clubbing, KTV, Orchard, or as a matter-of-fact, any places with a crowd that will reminds me of end year.

Finally, I found a perfect outing. With my loved ones and a handful of close friends, we had a nice little gathering at Raffles Marina Club, a yatch club, far away from town (in fact it is just beside Tuas Causeway, ULU right!). We sit the night through with some drinking, feasting, and counting down to Christmas Day with memorable pictures. To some, the night might be boring and uneventful but it has been a meaningful way to welcome Christmas for me. KnowingXmas_eve_1 that there are people around me, who will give in to my idiosyncrasy. How_paul




Yes… You guess it correct… I spent my New Year’s eve at home, rolling in my bed, getting tangled up in my own blanketLatest2! Happy 2006!