A letter of appeal

Dear Mr. AVA,

I was surfing your website just now and came across a column,” Pet Is for Life”. It contains so much wonderful information, teaching us how to be a responsible pet owner. I couldn’t have agreed more with you when you said that we, the pet owners can derive great satisfaction and joy from the relationships they have with our pets. Indeed, I love my dogs very dearly, they have given me so much more and the least I could do is to give them a home and love them back for life. You had preached this: “Pets should never be abandoned as an easy way out from the responsibilities of owning the pets.”  So here I am fighting for their rights to be loved.

Reading your website, made me so fucking sick!! What a hypocrite, you are!! After creating such a heart-warming website, your fucking officers are forcing me to give away the love of my life. I have two of the most wonderful dogs. They are not perfect, in fact, one of them is born crippled and the other is a stray dog, which I am sure that AVA is more than happy to euthanize her, if she was found roaming the street. But I love them all the same. In fact, I acknowledged that they are special in their own way, not many people would have accepted them, but I do, with all my heart and soul.

I run a pet business and keep my dogs in my shop where I spent bulk of my waking hours. I had tried to apply licenses for them but my applications were rejected. The reason for my unsuccessful applications is absolutely ridiculous! I was denied of the licenses because I am being deemed for having too many dogs! But what the fuck!! I am a pet shop operator, the rest of the dogs aren’t mine! They are either for sale or all here for grooming! Just because I am a pet shop operator, I can only groom and sell dogs, but not have a chance to love my two dogs and take care of them for life? This is totally absurd!

I have been given warnings to remove my two lovely dogs. Your officers had been insistent to seeing them vanished in a matter of days. So much for your “Pets should never be abandoned!” You are pushing me to “abandon” them, by giving me no reasonable alternatives. Can you fucking understand my misery for losing both of them at the same time? How am I supposed to ensure that I could find people who genuinely love them to adopt them in such short notice? You are more than cruel; I don’t know what the hell AVA is all about after facing this saga. Tearing me and my two beloved dogs apart, pronouncing an unjustifiable verdict, and denying my two dogs of love. Is that what AVA is capable of after all? You are nothing but a two-faced serpent!

I am appealing to you, to have mercy on me and my two dogs. Who could have looked beyond their disability and still provide them with more love than I? I just want to be able to live up to your key message, “A pet is a lifetime commitment.” I am not dead yet, don’t take them away from me. To you, they are just dogs, for me, they mean the world to me. Why can’t you just fucking understand?

Yours truly,

A person who is going through hell to keep his two beloved dogs


(PS: Bro, I burn midnite oil for this letter, how much you wanna pay me huh??)


3 Responses to “A letter of appeal”

  1. 1 Ash
    September 19, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    wow… tis letter is power !!! 🙂 next time i knw who to look for if i wan to write a letter of appeal ! lol ! 🙂

  2. September 20, 2006 at 6:38 pm

    Rust, u need help with appeal letter? $200 for one. Ok boh? hahaha… I think it’s cheaper to pay the fine than to engage my help. hehehe….

  3. September 21, 2006 at 11:16 am

    Rust, me pay u?… u wait long long lor…kekeke…

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