Wedding, Bridal Gown & Work of the Neurotransmitters

Dsc01856I was the maid-of-honor for my best friend’s wedding, yesterday. After knowing her for more than 13 years, seeing her finally married off was …phew… a great relief… hahaha…

I was close to tears, seeing her walk down the aisle in her bridal gown with a very long veil trailing behind her; she was beaming with blissfulness and dazzaling the whole ballroom with her charms. Siao lor! It was not as if she is my daughter! Why I so emotional huh?Dsc01862 

Resize_1The whole day was… picture posing… tea ceremony… make-up… changing gowns… toasting… dinner… all recorded on film. Like making a reality show. But the only reality here is… wedding is a 1-day event, and marriage is a whole life of commitment. A 2-person bliss, celebrated by a few hundreds people. Very exhausting lah!

Wedding = declaration of love for eternity a time consuming, hectic and stressful event planning

Haiz… say so much… I want also don’t have lah!

Since I was a little girl, I would be fascinated by bridal gowns, always wishing that I would wear some, one day, never really quite bored who the fuck the groom would be nor what marriage is all about. I just wanna WEAR IT and take pictures lor! hehehe…. Thought of going into a bridal shop and ask if I could model the gowns for them for free!! LOL…Me & My Crazy ideas!


These days I felt I am intoxicated with Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Vasopressin. I am just so different from my fucking self!

I had reminded myself to switch off the heater after shower, do the laundry more often (instead of piling my clothes until they spill out of my laundry basket), I close the fridge door with my hands instead of my legs, I sleep in absolute darkness (making my nite light redundant these days), I drink boiled water and I try to steer away from MSG. And….and… I couldn’t believe this myself!!!……I actually got up early this morning, to fix coffee and bread for MR EX-SCHOOLMATE, instead of catching the few remaining minutes, rolled up in my blanket!!

I can’t believe what all these neurotransmitter & hormones are doing to me! Aren’t they are making me a slave… (~_~)Dsc01857 

Are these fuzzy feelings good or bad?? Ask my shrink tomorrow… it’s been a while since my last appointment with her. My mood pendulum swings just a little (ya… I admit, I did cry a bit this couple of days… think might be stress or PMS), but still consider quite good liao, as I was out of mood stabilizers for a while already. Hoping no medications this time round. hehe…


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