A Distasteful “Banquet”

Mr Ex- Schoolmate knew that I had not been to the movie for a long time. (coz nobody wanna date me mah) Last evening, he was pretty insistent about bringing me to the cinema. But there weren’t much choices, because LOT 1’s cinema is so fucking pathetic lor!

Between Miami Vice, John Tucker Must Die, The Haunted Apartment and The Banquet, I immediately ruled out "The Haunted Apartment"!! And I suggested "The Banquet", but Mr Ex-Schoolmate was a little apprehensive about it. He claimed that it is an "ARTISTIC" show and he is not so into that. I psycho him, telling him, it’s not going to be that artistic, this is more of an action movie, sword-fighting and what have you. Worst to the worst, I will explain to him, if he don’t get it.

Just shortly after the screening of the courtesy ad, reminding us to silent our hp. Some fucker hp rang and he shamelessly picked it up and started KPKB on his hp lor. NB, he was fucking buah zi dong lor! Mr Ex-Schoolmate was irritated and Shsss..! at him. I was wondering if I wanna let Mr Ex-Schoolmate know the REAL REASON for not visiting cinema that often… Err… As I am impulsive… There were at least 2 incidents happened in the past, that I stood up, turned around, glared and scolded vulgarities this type of irritants. (ya… in that exact sequence) Causing the people who came to the movie with me, lots of distress… ( *_*")

The_banquetSorry… A little carried away there… Anyway this show is all about SEX & VIOLENCE lor. Although it was beautifully filmed, but the content of the movie seriously lack substances lor! Every characters of that movie, was predictable. The plot was too simple and totally lack the feel of conspiracy. The most nan bei part was the ending. Zhang Ziyi, AKA the empress was murdered by a flying dagger coming from nowhere. Then hor… the movie just ended like that… also dunno who murder her, murder her for what fuck. CB, I hate to be hanged on the line like that!

I turned to Mr Ex-Schoolmate, "Huh?? Finish?? Who kill her lor?". He shrugged his shoulder, shook his head and let out a sigh. With a sheepish smirk, snuggling up to him, I told him," I promise you lor, I will never suggest this type of show anymore ok…."

That night, while I was still wondering to myself, why had I made such a lousy choice of show, Mr Ex-Schoolmate was already fast asleep…. he is probably cursing Feng Xiaogang (the director) in his dreams for wasting his money!

Sorry lah… Let’s watch "The Departed" for our next movie date. My treat lor this time… 😛The_departed


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