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Where Are The Neighbors??

HaizI have been living in Northvale, CCK for a few months already, and you know what… I still dunno any of my neighbors!! It’s so goddamn pathetic… I felt as if I am living in the outer space!

Then I saw this website, ‘WHO LIVES NEAR YOU?’… I was thinking… hey, that’s great! I could finally be in touch with my "shy" neighbors thru the world of internet.

But… nanbei lor… this website is driving lim pai crazy lor! I am getting tons of junk mails… from BOYS!! CB… really lor…and I fucking mean BOYS LOR!! … some as young as the age of 18!

Wah lan eh!! For God’s sake! I AM ALREADY 30 LIAO LOR!! What’s wrong with them?? Dunno how to count meh? Fuck lah… You think everyone is Demi Moore, who likes Ashton Kutcher meh?? Crazy!

All I want is a neighbor… fucking dun understand why is it so hard to know a neighbor here…. The most common reply I typed in that "WHO LIVES NEAR YOU?’ is "Buzz off…" Can you imagine my agony?

I give up! No neighbors, no neighbors lor. I dun care anymore! What a neighborhood??? … NO… I mean— what a neighborless-hood!!  (~_~)


More flowers and u will win??

Someone just MSN me to tell me that he could beat the guy I am seeing, at giving me flowers every month… hahahahaha…. Could I be won over with more flowers???

Dsc01769_1Try giving me this many roses lor… LOL…

Anyway… it’s more than just the flowers, it is what he can make me feel…

And this person asked me to call him, if my man decided to dump me… hahaha… NB WTF man!!


Are u in love??

MoiSince the posting of my entry, "The Dating Ritual", I have been getting questions thru MSN, SMS, emails and even on Friendster Messages, asking me the same question. "Are you in love???"……

LOL… Am I?? Love is a big word, with really strong meanings to me. All I am admitting is…. Yes, I am seeing someone at the moment.

OK… I hear you saying,"Where the hell did this bloke come from? How did he manage to turn you, this crazy bitch around? Why him and not me? I thought you ain’t gonna accept anyone into your life anymore" blah…blah…blah…

Well… let’s just say he is one… who dares to face and accept the sick mind of mine.

… who managed to take me and my Oki out for a walk on a sunny afternoon (Yeah, I am a vampire who is afraid of sun).

… who did not freak out and bolt out of my door when I confessed that I had just discovered that I ran out of my mood stablizers today.

… who taught me to sleep without my nite lights.

… who wanna risk his life to eat the food I cooked (and he said it was good…haha…).

… who watched my fav cartoon ‘American Dad’ and laughed at their lamest joke with me.

… who is willing to stay at home to watch DVDs with me on weekends.

… who got me more lizard traps (die lizards die)… kekeke…

… who reaches out and hold my hands tighter whenever they slipped away.

So why is my status still "SINGLE"? Because his status is also single still mah… and he also never ask, "Do you wanna go steady with me?" ….LOL…. WTF! I am old-school ok!!

He told me giving me flower once a month is not an unreasonable demand wo… let’s just wait and see lor… for it has just began.

Is this bliss real? How long is it gonna last? I truly dun have an answer for it…Sunflower

The Flavour of the Month: SUNFLOWER   🙂


The Dating Ritual

I am reading up on this book, "MARS AND VENUS ON A DATE" by John Gray, it’s a guide for navigating the 5 stages of dating.

Stage One: Attraction (Mutual likings)

Stage Two: Uncertainty (Doubting if he/she is the One)

Stage Three: Exclusivity (Only dating that one potential mate)

Stage Four: Intimacy (Sharing secrets and intimate moments)

Stage Five: Engagement (Preparing to spend eternity together)

It was so said that by following these five stages religiously, will allow you to create a loving and lasting relationship.

It also says that the women should be "selling" their positivity and masking their problems in life, in the first stage of the date. And only in stage four, after affirming Exclusivity, then she allows the man to know her deepest darkest secrets.

I go…Hmmm… but that’s fucking pretentious lor! It feels to me, kind of like "Sell-a-vision", lots false advertising, like luring men with a appealing bait, as if they are fishes. And when the catch is hooked, he face the ordeal later.

Shouldn’t I be as transparent as a glass door, you see what the fuck I really am from the outside, and then you can decide if you wanna come into my life? Maybe, because of the fact that I am like that, hence I sucks big time in this game.

Haiz… that’s just me… running (or maybe ruining) my life on transparency and honesty! Dsc01785

Hey…May I am not a woman afterall…LOL…


It’s coming to an end … of the week

It’s Friday again, another week has just whisked by. This week, I have been spending quite a few evenings with an ex-schoolmate of mine. Perhaps with companionship, the days just zoomed by, much faster than ever.

Out of the blue, I started to wonder if this malicious cycle has taken on a new form(aka Mr Ex-Schoolmate) and is repeating itself again. You know the usual scenario, one moment it is all that frolic, the next moment everything vanishes, probably resurfaces after a while, but just ain’t quite right after that. I would then have to start believing that it is nothing, but surrealism to begin with.

Oh yes, I did manage to catch some “Jin Sanshun”, last night. There was a dialogue that touched me quite a bit. If I remembered it correctly, it was, “Love like you have never been hurt before.” It is so sweet yet so profound. It seems so easy to do, yet no one came close to doing it…… So melancholic hor…

Damn the lizard, it is still at large! Fucking lizard bait remains untouched…Haiz… waste $$$.

There seems to be an air of dismay through obscurity… Maybe it is the weather today… Maybe I am too imaginative for my own good… I need a smoke now.


My Quiet Evening

No war in the office as I had predicted earlier… hehe… Got a peace treaty instead… This was the first time I went to "war" without "ammunition". I am fucking lucky!Me 

Came back home after a long day of meeting. Open the In-box for message of WLNY, someone said that he is interested to meet me up. When I asked him, "meet for what??", he replied,"fun, peace & laughter"

When I saw his reply, I scratched my head…huh?? Do I seem like fun? peace? laughter? Hmm…. strange….I wrote back,"For fun…go to amusement park. For peace… wait for judgment day.For laughter… watch a Ben Stiller’s show. I dun represent fun or peace or laughter."

Anyway, I went for my supermarket therapy and got something to annihilate that fucker which terrorized me last night. Haha… DIE LIZARD! DIE!! Dsc01817 I set the trap and sat down ate a burger and washed it down with 2 bottles of Erdinger. Watched " Wo jiao jin sanshun" on Channel U, had some laughter and spent another quiet evening on my own… I gotta suppress my urge to constantly check on that lizard bait. I am so excited!

Ya… and my doc is on leave… haiz… I think I miss her already… haha…



I spent a great evening with an ex school-mate just now. Actually we didn’t really know each other that well back in our secondary school days. In fact, he claimed that he don’t remember ever seeing me in school thru out those four years. I really so ugly meh last time??

Al_denteWe had dinner in one of the restaurant, Al Dente Trattoria, at Esplanade, where I can smoke… Hahaha… and he can breathe in my second-hand smoke… Opss… so sorry, I made you live a few minutes shorter. The cod fish he recommended was extraordinary good. I like that place… ermm… but the toilet a bit too far lah….

EsplanadeAfter dinner, I suggested we go for a stroll but we ended up having a really short walk, before we just sit our asses down … OK… I am lazy, I admit. It was really nice talking about our lives back then in school and discovered that we had a few common friends too. The different is, he still contact some of them, while I really lost touch.

He drove me home safely…hehe… so the entire evening ended pleasantly on a really good note right? I thought to myself, maybe I should try to go out and catch up with old friends more often.

When I was at home, the unthinkable happened!!! While I was wrapping up my trash, in the kitchen, I caught sight of something moving. Low and behold!! ("low & behold"?? since when I become so demure??) Chee Bye lah… A fucking lizard scrambled out clumsily from my trash bin!!! HELP!!!!!!! I almost jumped out of my skin!! Why must such a lovely evening be ruined by a fucking lizard, which is twice the size of the one I killed previously!!

Holy Shit! That One up there! You always have ways to put me down huh! Thanks hor!! I am going bed, I am fighting war in the office tomorrow.

Haiz….  😦