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What’s wrong with me?

Perhaps the pregnancy hormones are wrecking havoc in me, I suddenly find myself crying a lot these days, from minor stuff to major drama-mama.

I had to believe that ALL men are from Mars, they aren’t the most sympathetic creatures around. Yes, I might be really blessed, I don’t have puke my gut out and I am not tormented by some nonsensical food craving, but I have my emotional turmoils, no less. Why can’t they comprehend with the fact that pregnancy is never an easy period of any women?

Dsc01300I never asked to be treated like a queen (I know that’s ridiculously impossible), I am just hoping that he would try to understand me a bit more, acknowledge my signals of distress and help me through my endless sea of frustration.

Or perhaps this preggy was really asking for too much from her Martian??…


After the fairytale…

Ea49a1ba When he proposed that night, the song "Heaven" by DJ Sammy was playing at the background and everything seemed so surreal and perfect… almost like a fairytale! LOL!!

Fast forward… 2 weeks later…

Preparing for our solemnization is a huge reality check for us, me especially. It’s like time to wake up and smell life, man!

It took me more than 20 phone calls, countless SMSes and emails before I managed to secure a solemniser for the VERY POPULAR date, 7th July 07. Is EVERYBODY in this freaking island getting married on this same day?!

And locating an ideal venue was hellish too!!

I gave up after receiving too many "thanks for your inquiry, but we are fully booked for that day" reply. So we settled for our Condo’s clubhouse instead. Better still, save the traveling part and it has the utmost convenience and CHEAPER some more. Fuck all the country clubs and restaurants!

Now it is left with finding a catering service. And you know what, is been 3 days and the catering service that I wanted to engage is not contacting me yet! What the hell is wrong with these people, don’t they want business??!!

Damn, I am so stressed up!!



My dear once told me this,"If I dare to sleep beside you at night, I fear nothing…."

~_~"   Got so scary meh?!





With my terrific makeup skill….



Plus the power of self-photography

Anyone can be BEAUTIFUL!!

I could even be a "Goddess", if only I know how to photoshop. LOL!!


Senseless / Shameless

That day I received a sms from an unknown source.

"Hi, how r u?"

"Who r u?"

"Jxxxxx, here."

"Look me up 4 wat?"

"Wanna ask u out 4 movie lor."

"Ohhh… U ask my hubby lor!"

No reply…..



This is the same M.Fucker who called me a bitch back then when I refused to sleep with him and yet he still have the cheek to contact me. Did he think that he might still stand a chance to get into my pants, after going under the radar for 9 months?

(refer to this

Dsc01274WTF!! Haven’t he heard about such a thing call ‘DIGNITY’ meh?!?!

Is he senseless or simply shameless?



I used to be someone who could easily go without food for 8 to 10 hours, especially if I am busy with work.Maternity_wear_1

Where has that "me" gone to? I am replaced by this sinful, gluttonous MONSTER who has to wear baggy clothes to camouflage a tummy that don’t look like a 2nd mth pregnancy!!!

The things that I ate in just ONE day:

~7.50am: A luncheon meat & cheese sandwich with a big glass of soy bean milk

~11am: A bowl of porridge with 4 har gows (prawn dumplings) & 2 chicken feet

~1pm: 3 chocolate cookies & 6 rice crackers

~3.30pm: A medium-size peach

~6.20pm: 2 handful of broad beans

~8pm: A bowl of home-cooked red dates & longans soup

~9.15pm: A plate of home-cooked beehoon and 2 tangerines

~11pm: 2 soft cream cheese

~12.30am: A HUGE glass of chocolate milk

And I can still eat if you put food in front of my face! AM I A FUCKING WHALE OR WHAT ?!?!

Oh… Dsc01287I am disgusted with my appetite!!!


Look at my belly!! OMG!!


The Proposal

WDsc01304Dsc01305Dsc01306ooo... Hooo... !!! 

Pardon me, I can’t stop smirking!!





It is even armed with a little scope for me to admire my best friend. Hehe…

I am overjoyed not just because I have a BFF, but to know that he took the trouble to come out with several ideas for the proposal, despite that I thwarted his plan more than once. (But I just didn’t know lah….)

He actually planned to do it beginning of the month, by bringing me to Desaru and surprising me under the starry nite, but I didn’t managed the time well, so the trip was cancelled at the very last minute.

Then he wanted to bring me up the hot air ballon at Bugis to see stars; just at the foot of the balloon, I felt queasy and refused to take the ride. :((

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, because he had kept the ring in his pocket for way too long. He parked his car in a HBD carpark, facing a large canal (as we were heading to a couple’s house-warming), and proposed to me in the car. He felt that the ambience was really un-romantic (example, there wasn’t a single stars in the sky), but considering the rate I was annihilating all his plans for proposal, he just had to execute it there and then.

Well… got some kind of proposal better than NO proposal right?!?!

Oh, in case you are wondering… We will be OFFICIALLY hitched around July this year.

So guys out there, this is your last chance to grab me while I am still single!



Guest Blogger – Oki

Hi, I am Oki, Cindy’s dear…  I mean… dearest dog. Dsc01250I have been invited to guest blog for Cindy again.

So here is about the day that I had so much fun at West Coast Park. I was running on the jogging track, barking at the dogs who passed me by, sipping ice water when I was thirsty, peeing up every tree whenever I could, pooping in the nature…. Oh… I was so happy. Ya, ya, ya… I am easily contented. What do you expect? I am a dog, for God’s sake!!

The sun was really glaring, Mr Ex-Schoolmate needs a visor, and I have my natural visor – my really long and sassy fringe.Dsc01261Dsc01259_1 

Look at me, this was how I looked with my "hair-band" on. Kinda silly yet cool looking huh!! Hehehe…

Dsc01262I thought I saw a "chio bu" there, but she turned out to be a bloody BITCH!! She actually bared her teeth and barked at me insanely when I tried to say "Hi". NB! She thought she damn chio lor, skinny like a stupid monkey, she still thought she is supermodel, Kate Moss lor. YUCKZZ!!!

Dsc01255Here is pic of Cindy. She was wearing this huge sunglasses, don’t know whether was it the sun that was too glaring or she was trying to pull a shade on that gleaming rock she had on her finger.Dsc01232 

I caught her smiling to the rock yesterday. Strange!! Human! Don’t understand them most of the time, but I love them all the same!