I used to be someone who could easily go without food for 8 to 10 hours, especially if I am busy with work.Maternity_wear_1

Where has that "me" gone to? I am replaced by this sinful, gluttonous MONSTER who has to wear baggy clothes to camouflage a tummy that don’t look like a 2nd mth pregnancy!!!

The things that I ate in just ONE day:

~7.50am: A luncheon meat & cheese sandwich with a big glass of soy bean milk

~11am: A bowl of porridge with 4 har gows (prawn dumplings) & 2 chicken feet

~1pm: 3 chocolate cookies & 6 rice crackers

~3.30pm: A medium-size peach

~6.20pm: 2 handful of broad beans

~8pm: A bowl of home-cooked red dates & longans soup

~9.15pm: A plate of home-cooked beehoon and 2 tangerines

~11pm: 2 soft cream cheese

~12.30am: A HUGE glass of chocolate milk

And I can still eat if you put food in front of my face! AM I A FUCKING WHALE OR WHAT ?!?!

Oh… Dsc01287I am disgusted with my appetite!!!


Look at my belly!! OMG!!


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