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LEGITIMACY- means anything?

In Singapore, this seemingly democratic country, is actually a very cynical place for an unwed mother and her illegitimate child, there is no escape from the social stigma. The people from Registration of Birth will only grant legitimacy when the parents are legally bound! Even if the father is a fucking drunkard or the mother is a crazy bitch, the personnel at ROB will not give a fuck, just as long as the couple is R.O.M.ed. That piece of fucking paper, you call a marriage certificate, is it a talisman to ensure that the child would have guaranteed love??… At this instant, I can’t help it but to shout out aloud, “FUCK THE SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION!! TO HELL WITH  LEGITIMACY!!”

CoupleThere will never be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer or Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis in Singapore, what you get are resentful couples who hated each other as years go by and worst, probably deep down in a part of their heart blame their child for this unwilling union. So stereotypical, so pathetic!!Dsc01273

Must I?… Would I?… be possibly succumb to the social pressure? “是我只同意做, 没有同意做人家的老婆??”

I don’t want to him to marry me out of obligation, sympathy, responsibility, morality or whatever principle or value kind of shit! Because a marriage built on those reasons, is like a house build on quicksand. If he ever marries me, it should only be one thing – he can’t live his life without me, erm… I mean he love to share the rest of his life together with me. But if he doesn’t, at least I know that he will be committed to being daddy to our baby. And that is what matters to me most.

And if you are thinking, “Great, you are a fucking stupid woman. Next time your guy doesn’t wanna be responsible to pay the expense of the kid, then you know!”

I may seem like a bimbo to a lot of people, but hell, I know my stuff. Check the Woman Act from:

Sorry guys, your sperms, your kids, you just have to pay, I mean, play your part too!