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A letter to my unborn child

Dsc01287_2Dear Baby,

Do you know mummy loves you very much, even though we have not really met? I want to let you know that I am trying my best to be a happy mom, for I know my mood will affect your development. But at times, I can’t help it; it is simply too much, too overwhelming for me, hence mummy would break down in tears occasionally.

You must be wondering why I didn’t tell daddy how I feel. Because the last thing I wanted, is to make your daddy worried about me. When daddy is troubled, daddy would be unhappy and that in turn would make mummy even sadder.

Your mummy is very emotional person and before you came along, I was worst, but I had learned to have better control of my moods. I know, I can and will be better with each passing days, knowing that you need me as much as I need you.

Whenever I am feeling down, I know you can sense my anguish, because I can feel you, your restlessness and your anxieties as you turned and tossed violently inside me. I wanted to be as stress-free as you wanted me to be, but sometimes things just wouldn’t go exactly the way we have planned. Baby, that’s life. And you will come to taste it one day.

The world you are about to come to is a complex place. But rest assured Baby, for I will be here to protect you and love you till the last breathe of my life.


Lots of love, hugs & kisses,

Your Mummy


A Night-club saga!

Last Sat, Mr Hubby told me that he was going to play mahjong after dinner, with his colleagues. And I said OK. Then the entire evening, I sensed that he seemed to be having something that was bothering him but I decided not to probe. If he wanted to tell me, he would eventually.

After we came back from dinner, he confessed that he wasn’t going to a mahjong session but he was actually going to a night-club!!!! 

Isn’t that a place where you can find plenty of unfaithful husbands, sick lewd old men, lustful womanizers etc… !!??  +_+”

He had felt really bad, not telling me the truth earlier. And he also confessed that he was at a night-club a few evenings ago when he was supposed to be boozing with his colleagues. He looked genuinely sorry when he told me all these. I guessed he must have half-expected me to blow up in tears and anger or something. But I didn’t.

My reaction?

Honestly, for a brief moment, the images manifested in my mind were those of the super hiao hostess with cleavage-revealing outfits, lapping on the men, stroking their groins and men with their faces buried in the boobs or thighs of these young things, drooling over their tender flesh. And I am dying to hear what he had done with them!!

But as I gazed into Mr Hubby’s remorseful eyes, I know I need to snapped out of these nonsense in my head, right away; for my husband is not that kind of man. If he is enjoying himself out there, he wouldn’t be bothered and he shouldn’t have told me anything about it. And I trust Mr Hubby’s integrity, for I know exactly what kind of man I had married

Due to his nature of work, he has to entertain his clients, and if his client wants to lay his hands on some tits, he had to oblige to bring him to a night-club what. Business is business and I perfectly understand that for I am… 


(Mr Hubby can vouch for that. hehehe… )

And I really appreciate him & his courage for letting me know the truth. Although the truth sucks, but I rather it, than to be a fool for lies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dsc01285

Very quickly, the weekend was gone and I was out-stationed in KL, Malaysia for a frenzied 2-day meeting/training. (sorry, no pics, coz I had no time to breathe over there, let alone take pics)

Dragging my tired, over-worked body and my cute little suitcase onto a return flight to Singapore, I was thrilled to see Mr Hubby at the airport. And he surprised me with a stalk of rose! Aiyo, so sweet! All my exhaustion seemed temporarily lifted up when he planted a light kiss on me. I was surrounded by an aura of bliss.


Yes, my hubby might go to night-club, so what!! It doesn’t mean anything, coz I clearly know that he loves ME, and me only!

So all the hostee out there, just a word of advise… "Don’t have to waste your time on this man lah, go aim that fat, botak, old man instead." … LOL!


The baby, the scoundrels & the pathetics

Sorry for the lapse in posting entry for my blog. (Don’t you dare leave me!) I am not gonna give some politically correct excuses like "I am really busy" or "Being pregnant is really tiring" or blah.. blah.. blah.. even though all the above are true.

I am just exceptionally lazy this week ok!

Furthermore, there isn’t anything interesting apart from just one thing – MY BABY PUNCHED ME! Ya, you are damn right, my little creature punched me so hard from within that my tummy bulged!

But guess, she is still far better than some babies. I heard that some babies just treat the mom’s womb like a soccer field or a sand bag, they kick & punch non-stop, like 24/7! Luckily, mine is such a princess, she is more gentle. I think she very gu niang one lor. LOL!


I had my fair share with guys who are scoundrels. The thing is, I just can’t believe how many pathetic girls out there, are still hanging on to this type of men and allowing themselves to be tormented.

Is pain a pleasure? (This is pure psychotic!!)

I seriously hate to see people I know, in this cruel transition. But I can’t help them. They have to want to help themselves.

The best party has its last song. The greatest book has its ending. All games have a final winner. We need to embrace a closure and move on, because like it or not, everything will have its full stop!

Dsc01335So wake up your fucking idea.



A.B. – Artificial Beauty

Posterphoto26262 I was watching "200 Pound Beauty" that day and the guy in the show was repulsive by beauty attained with cosmetic surgery. And my friends commented that guys are usually like that; they drooled over admire beauties but they want their girlfriends to be au’ naturelle.



9ui3Incidentally, I am neutral with people who go thru drastic measures to transform the way they look. Undeniably, I am fascinated with these type of "Artificial Beauty". One of the person that intrigued me the most, is blogger, Dawn Yang, and her controversial transformation never failed to amaze me. (Click to enlarge pic.)


Dsc01326Although I have doubts of her denying allegation of having went under the knife, but I can see that she is nothing like her "old-self". But then again, when I see pictures of me from the past and me in the present, I wondered if others would have speculated that I am artificial too. (Click to enlarge pic.)

So one night, I asked Mr Hubby, if he mind a man-made beauty. Surprisingly, he said no. In fact, he is more supportive than against it. I think he just go for beauty, real or fake, he don’t give a damn lah. hahaha….

Hmm… dunno what will he say if one day in the future, our young daughter say, "Daddy, Daddy… I want a nose job for X’mas!" +_+”


A super “niao” person

This guy whom I got to know some time back (and had since decided to stay away) is so damn "niao"! I only went out with him once, long time ago; we went for supper at a kopitiam. He paid for my teh-peng and beehoon goreng, costing less than $5 or $6. And he is still talking about it up until NOW!!! OMG, it is more than 1 year already ok!!!

I got so fed-up and told him to give me his account number and I will fucking transfer $10 to him, no need to give me back the change. He said he wanted me to just treat that $10 as his wedding gift to me. WTF!! Force me to scold vulgarities lor!!

Kan si lang niao!!!!!!!!!!!

I pity whoever who marries this type of guy lor. Thank God, Mr Hubby is nothing like him lor. But then again, if he is, I wouldn’t be attracted to him in the first place what.


Drop the topic of that disgusting person, before it spoilt the rest of my day.

Here is ME… 20 weeks into the pregnancy. I am half-way there. WOOHOO…!! 



Dsc01292_2I have a red nose… no, a big red nose, with puffy eyes and swollen face. And this picture of me was taken on the day when I was finally feeling slightly more beautiful.





Look at how I have metaphored from cute to womanly. hehehe…



Beware, Work Kills!

Mr Hubby came to pick me up from work. After fastening my seat-beat & the usual "hello", I let out a sigh, "Dear, I very sad today, you know…"

Mr Hubby looked concerned, before he can probe for more, my tears had already burst past the flood-gate.

A close colleague of mine tendered a 24-hr resignation and left. I have one person lesser who understand our woes, our struggles and gone is a partner to "battle" the management with us. Her departure was so sudden, she left a BIG gap in me, guess it will takes a while to be filled.

This is not sufficient to make me break down, but something else at work left me feeling fed-up, frustrated, pissed, enraged and filled with tons of grievances! (I will remain ethical, hence l am not gonna spell it out here. If you wanna know, call me.)

I screamed inside my head, "THIS IS SO BLOODY INSANE!"

Mr Hubby consoled, "People come & go mah & don’t think so much lah, 4 more months u gonna deliver lor."

Perhaps Mr Hubby is thinking that I am so silly to be affected by the tiniest thing. His work is much more stressful than mine and his "battle field" is more brutal than mine and there I was sobbing as if someone is dying. Senseless!

That night, past the witching hour, Mr Hubby was still buried in his pile of work….  and where was I?Dsc01295

I was already curled up in bed, cozy.

"To hell with work lah!" says this preggie.