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Marley & Me VS Oki & Me

There was so many times I walked into a book store and stole glances at this book "Marley & Me" by John Grogan. Every time I fought the urge to pick up that book and head towards the cashier. Not that I am fucking neow and is unwilling to fork out $16.69 for a book, but I knew that reading this book is like getting a tear gas for myself. That’s really gonna be suicidal!

However, last week, I finally succumbed to the temptation and bought it. I took to reading it slowly, trying my best not to get emotionally connected to any characters in the book, I was especially careful with Marley, the lead of the story. The book was so fascinating that I find it so hard to peel my fingers away from it.Dsc01322_1

Two nights ago, I was at the chapter when Marley died of old age. I was sobbing like mad, if you had seen me, you probably thought someone I knew died.

It was so heart wrenching, I desperately wanted to seek some comfort. As Marley was a dog, I thought I have a dog too, I think I am dying to hug my Oki and perhaps that would stop me from crying my eye balls out.

Dsc01313I got out of the bed and grabbed Oki who was sleeping beside it. He was a little startled by me and let out a big yawn, as if to say, "What the hell?!" After 3 seconds, he struggled to break free and returned to his mat to carry on drifting back to his doggy dreamland.

Wa lan eh, so much for a man’s best friend huh!!


The price of being pregnant

Went to a glucose blood test on Monday and the result is out. I have Gestational Diabete!

I have to monitor my blood sugar and watch what I put into my mouth.

Goodbye ice-creams.Dsc01318_2

Goodbye cakes & pastries.

Goodbye french fries.

Goodbye fried chicken.

Goodbye soft drinks.

Goodbye all those delicious and sinful food…

So sad lor. :(((


Another sad goodbye

Yesterday, I lost another one of my comrade. A important member of our team, someone whom I have the pleasure to work with really closely for the past years. She had been my partner when we both worked in CK Tang counter and sometimes my room-mate when we out-stationed.

She is a rare breed. Not just beauty and brains, but a really nice person too. (But guys, don’t need to aim, she is already attached liao lah.)

Time really flies. I remember when we first met, it was 5 years ago. We were still only a Beauty Consultant back then. While I was waiting for train at Khatib MRT, this woman walked up to me and said "Hi", and I don’t even know her then. She saw that I was wearing the same uniform as her and decided to approach me. Guess we became friends at the instant.

And she was the reason why I am known as "Cheong" and not Cindy in the company, for she is also call "Cindy". Subsequently, I got tired of saying my full name to differentiate myself and her, and relented to using only my last name instead.

During the last few hours of her last day, the emotions in me was so mixed-up. There was happiness, for she is leaving for something she likes, and dashes of sadness, becoz we had grew so close and I am really gonna miss her.

… with every hello, there will always be a goodbye…

Dsc01384Goodbye Ah Li!

Miss you always,

Ah Cheong.


My Girl

Dsc01378Here is a sneak review of my little girl, in my ultrasound scanning of her.

My gynae says that she has a sharp nose. Oh… my little girl got nose that looks like "ang moh" leh!

I hope she will also have big round eyes, with double eyelids and lashes so long that she will never need to put on any mascara.

But on top of all, I really just want her to be healthy and be very ‘guai’, can liao. Hehehe…

Her daddy, Mr Hubby, had decided her chinese name, after seeking my mom’s expertise in naming babies. She shall be known as "Huang(2) Ying(3)".


Ok ok… My chinese handwriting sucks, I know. So what!

As for her english name, Mr Hubby had not chosen it yet. He wanted a name beginning with the letter "L", coz my name begins with "C" and his begins with "T", so with a "L", we would have a complete "TLC" (which stands for tender, loving, care). Quite corny right. LOL!!

I have a pool of names with "L", they are:









Ok, now we wait for Mr Hubby to make the call and decide on one of them. Meanwhile, I shall just call her, girl girl.

(I kinda like Lekeisha, sounds like "lucky stars". LOL!)


My boring life… Haiz…

It’s been more than a week since my last blog entry. OMG! Am I slacking? You must be thinking I am getting farking lazy, but I am so NOT lor!!

I was surfing and reading other people’s blog, they are mostly showcasing their interesting lives, like which party they went to, where’s the latest hangout, their best shopping spree, cam-whoring, going K, BBQing, holidaying, sun-tanning… blah blah blah…

And I was like…… :((  FUCK! I don’t have colors in my life lor. Carrying a tummy, the size of a beach ball, I am tired most of the time. My life now is – WORK, REST, SLEEP in an unbreakable chain of cycle. And who the hell wanna read about how a preggie work & sleep?!?!

So I can only write about lame trivia stuff, like how I had to travel more than 4 hours in a Mercedes limousine to get to KL, just because some bugger decided to quit her job at the last minute and shake legs at home, while there was a big event around the corner. And they have no choice but to send this preggie from more than 400km away, to host this event.

BlBecause my tummy is way too huge, I might not be able to get on a plane, hence I had to travel by land to KL. Mr Hubby decided it was safer for him to tag along with me this time. And we were whisked from the door steps of our home to the door step of Boulevard Hotel at Mid Valley, KL, last Friday night and spent 5 days there.Mall1

As usual, it was a business trip, hence there wasn’t much time for me to do anything. We merely went to the malls whenever I have the time and energy to walk. The Mid Valley Mega Mall was so gigantic, I think I only managed to explore a quarter of it.800pxyosrimay2005jalanpetaling 

We also took a cab to Petaling Street to eat BBQ Stingray by the road side and walked down the rows of "brand handbags". There were your usual Coach, LV, Gucci and many more, all 100% counterfeit!

When I saw that they have the restaurant, Chilis at Mid Valley, I was determined to go there and eat. There used to be 2 or 3 Chilis in S’pore, but unfortunately all of them closed down. I really missed their food, especially their ‘Chicken Fajitas Quesadillasa’. So one evening, we went and ordered so much food that we almost threw up and still didn’t managed to finish. I must say, the Buffalo Wings in S’pore were so much nicer, the ones in Malaysia are no where near.

Dsc01362 Dsc01363 .






Ok, that’s about it… before I bored you to death with my farking boring life. Here are my latest pictures. Me in my 7th month of pregnancy, looking like a bloated cow! NB!Dsc01356 I still have 2 more months to get even more bloated!!Dsc01360


He is my Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

I don’t know if it was my pregnancy, but I have become quite forgetful recently. I even forgot to bring my return air-ticket with me when I was out-stationed last month.

Luckily Mr Hubby volunteered to courier it to the hotel that I was staying. I waited and waited for him to do that but he kept telling me, he was busy or he had forgotten, it wasn’t until I was spending my last night in Malaysia that he told me that I will be getting my air-ticket that evening.

But little did I know that he had been scheming something all along. There I was phoning the hotel reception frantically to check for my ticket. Panic almost sets in when my co-workers nastily teased me saying that Mr Hubby probably didn’t want me back in Singapore hence explain the delay in sending me my ticket. 😦

When I was on the phone with Mr Hubby, asking him about the ticket, suddenly there was door bell and when I opened the door, and there HE stood, outside my door with a grin! Mr Hubby came all the way from Singapore to KL to give me a very delightful surprise! I was so touched, I almost wanted to cry.

We had dinner together and I spent the night with him in his hotel room, the next morning we had breakfast, before bidding him a short goodbye. I carried on with my training and he travelled back to Singapore and later picked me up from the airport that very night. It was so sweet of him!

Before you go fully green with jealousy, let me tell you, nobody’s life is ever perfect. So don’t have to envy me, I also have my fair share of ups and downs.

Like sometimes, Mr Hubby would, for some minor reason, get very irritated with me and would refuse to speak to me for days!! Or when he is in foul mood, he can say the meanest and the most hurting things to me without realizing that I am heartbroken.

I call this the "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" syndrome. Yes, Mr Hubby can be super sweet but when he flared up… oh..oh..oh.. you better run!

Nevertheless, I still love him all the same because… you forget already meh?

Dsc00093_1I AM THE BEST WIFE IN S’PORE (some say Batam & JB), ANY MAN CAN HAVE MAH!!! LOL!!!