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She is “Laetitia”

Woohoo!! I am officially on maternity leave! I am so looking forward to my cho boh lan dayz!

But it wouldn’t be long before I will be super busy. Coz you see, I would be giving birth sometimes mid of Dec, then I would be shifting out of our 1-bedroom apartment to our new house. I would be a super busy mom then.

Oh, and we have FINALLY decided on our baby’s name. She would be known as "Laetitia", which means "joyful" in Latin. I googled up this name and boy! There was a super chio french model, with fab body and boobs to die for, Laetitia Casta. And we are all set for this name.



Irresistibly Cute Puppies!

Dsc01341This is Jadu, the proud mummy of 4 cute little puppies. At just 1-day old, all of them look so tiny.

With their eyes still tightly shut, they crawled around their mummy, searching for teats to suckle on.

Oh, incidentally, Jadu is the dog of Oki’s (aka my dog) dog-sitter. She is this sweet-natured, adorable Yorkie, totally not barkish, unlike some irritating smaller breed dogs.

All 4 pups are girls, and they probably will grow up small-size just like their mummy, Jadu.Dsc01342

My silly Oki was so excited, behaving machiam like he is the dad. LOL!!!


When boy meets girl (II)

Aarrgghh!! I can’t wait. My darling is coming back tomorrow! YIPPY!!

Ya, I know Mr Hubby has only been away for 3 nights, but I really miss snuggling up to him when I sleep.

I love how he would always hold my hands in bed, makes me feel so loved and protected. (Dun envy me lor! hehehe…)

But tonight is still me and me alone on our bed. 😦


When boy meets girl

Feb 1976 – She was born and she grew up in the west of Singapore.

Mar 1976 – He was born and he grew up in the west side of Singapore.

Jan 1989 to Nov 1992 – They went to the same secondary school. She saw him in school. He never noticed her.

July 1993 – They entered the same Poly. They never met.

1994 to 2004 – For 10 years, they led their lives separately, fell in & out of loves several times with others. Their paths never crossed and they have never met.

Sometimes in 2005 – She added him in her Friendster Account, after a random search and saw that they were from the same school.

Sometimes later in 2005 – He sent her a messenge thru Friendster and they became friends, virtually.

Sometimes in mid of 2006 – They started communicating on & off thru MSN.

Sept 2006 – They finally decided to meet up.

Later in Sept 2006 – They fell in love.

May 2007 – He proposed and she said "YES!"

July 2007 – They got married.

Dec 2007 – And their baby completes them.


Jt5e2016Mr Hubby flew to Bali, for a business convention this morning.

Oh, I am starting to miss him already.  *sob.. sob.. : (


Counting Down

Dsc01336This is me, at 34 weeks of pregnancy.

I AM BIG, with a huge melon as my tummy. Have put on 17kg already. Sob!  😦

Constantly tired, always feeling sleepy and lethargic.

Can’t wait to pop. But it’s another 5 weeks more. Haiz… *pout


My hubby is a cyborg, but that’s ok!

Last Wed’s evening, Mr Hubby called and said he would be working late, so I ate my own dinner, mind my own business thru out the evening and went to bed alone. I woke up around 4am and realized that Mr Hubby is not home yet! I got worried and gave him a tinker and guess what!? HE IS STILL AT WORK!!! At 4am in the morning!

He came back around 7am, when I was about to wake up. He showered, changed and left for the office for a meeting again. I called him in his office and hounded him to come home earlier to rest that day. He came back around 8pm, and for the record he had been working 36 hours straight without sleep.


As he was waiting for me to fix dinner, he sat down on the sofa. The moment his butt hit the sofa, he dozed off. Looking at how shacked up he was and how dark his eye circle looked, I felt my heart ached a little.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go for a show, but however he was attending to some urgent work, so the show had to be cancelled. And he apologized for having to work even over this weekends. Before we ended our conversation, Mr Hubby said "Thanks." I was puzzled, "Huh, u thank me for what… hahaha…" Mr Hubby laughed, he said he had been so used to thanking his client at the end of conversation. Then he added, "Seriously, I wanna thank you for been so understanding." I was smiling over the other end of the line.

Ask me if I am pissed. I am telling you, if it was 10 years ago, I probably would have left this man already lor, but now I have grown old mature, I find that it’s ok. I have learn to enjoy time with myself and be independent. Anyway, it’s good to have a hardworking man what!

358921326_d9ee619bccOH, I AM SUCH A GEM!!!