Irresistibly Cute Puppies!

Dsc01341This is Jadu, the proud mummy of 4 cute little puppies. At just 1-day old, all of them look so tiny.

With their eyes still tightly shut, they crawled around their mummy, searching for teats to suckle on.

Oh, incidentally, Jadu is the dog of Oki’s (aka my dog) dog-sitter. She is this sweet-natured, adorable Yorkie, totally not barkish, unlike some irritating smaller breed dogs.

All 4 pups are girls, and they probably will grow up small-size just like their mummy, Jadu.Dsc01342

My silly Oki was so excited, behaving machiam like he is the dad. LOL!!!


2 Responses to “Irresistibly Cute Puppies!”

  1. November 24, 2007 at 12:41 am

    Black pups.. so cute!!!

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