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Do opposite really attracts?

I finally get to see the pictures of Mr Hubby’s old girlfriends (there was one which starts with a "S",one with a "J" & another, I can’t remember, but she got really long but boring hair. Opss… no offence ya).

All thanks to our new home. Mr Hubby went back to his parent’s place to bring some of his stuff over and I get to view his entire photo collection while he was busy with the packing.

No, those pictures of his exs weren’t given entry to our new home!

Judging from the look of those pictures, he really did loved them very much too. And the taste of his girls were quite consistent… They were mainly looking… hmm… sweet, demure, gentle, dependent, docile…. well just quite the opposite of me, isn’t it? And some of them would make him very cute gifts, like folding stars/hearts & putting them in a jar, sewing their initials on teddy bears, stickers and cards/letter etc. So sappy right?

And what about me? I have yet to do anything close to any of those.

Oh well… I wrote him emails, does that counts??

He has been keeping every pieces of them, until now… he threw some away but some still stays put at his parent’s home. He is quite the opposite of me, in this way. Coz I threw everything away when a relationship expired. If it is worth some money, I would try to sell/pawn them off. Yeah right, I don’t dwell in the past much, I just move on as quickly as possible. Or perhaps I am just a damn practical person!

Sometimes it makes me wonder, why Mr Hubby didn’t work out with any of them, "those sweetie pies" and ended up with me instead? I asked him, and he wouldn’t tell me though.

Arrgghhh… Makes me so damn curious. So if you are one of his exs and you are reading this, would you tell me about it? LOL! 😛

Maybe us, is a classic example of opposite attractions?? Hmm… I don’t know. What do you think?

Dsc01062_1Oh no, don’t you doubt me, I am still a VERY GOOD wife to him ok!! Maybe that’s why he loves me… despite that I am now FAT & not that chio anymore!



The Crying Game

Is she hungry? Is she cold/warm? Is she sleepy? Is she bored?

Is it colic? Is it the rashes on her face?

Damnit! Just what the hell is it?

As if these signs ain’t confusing enough; the baby books out there confuse you further, with their different opinions, different views, different suggestions.

You gotta pick her up when she cries. You cannot pick her up whenever she cries.

You must rock her gently. You mustn’t let her get used to rocking.

You should go to your baby once she cries. You shouldn’t rush to her immediately when she cries.

FUCK… there is just no end to this, is it?!

Whatever! You just ain’t gonna win in her crying game. Period.







Well… in any case, she is still my darling & I still love her to bits!  🙂



God help me out, man!!

Laetitia is at it for days already… her crying streak!!

& I can’t find anything to wear for CNY!! Nothing fits!!

….ARRRGGHHHH…. Somebody shoots me!!

Oh.. life couldn’t get any lovelier than this ya!


Our new nest & our little terrorist

We have shifted out of our cozy one-bedroom apartment from Northvale and settled in comfortably in our new home, at The Warren (which is just beside Northvale).
Dsc01426_1The moving is so goddamnit tedious. My advice is either have a new baby or a new home, never have them both at the same time!!
Our little rogue is still adjusting to the new environment. She has been terrorizing us with her nightly cries! & she wanna be in our arms 24/7!! I can’t imagine my life without the help of my maid. I guess my arms would break!
Why didn’t babies come with switches? So I can switch her off whenever we wanna sleep.  😛

A Few Good Men/Women

288458767_874fecbb44One day Mr Hubby asked if I have any good men to introduce to one of our friend. I paused and then said, "Define good men."

And of course I didn’t get an absolute answer from him.

I asked, "Do you consider me as a good wife?"

Mr Hubby answered quickly… a tad too quick, "Yes, of course!"

I told Mr Hubby, "If it was in the past & you ask any of my friends to introduce a good woman to you, they most definitely would not recommend me. Coz I smoked, drank excessively, mouth-ful of vulgarities, had truckload of problems and was always been pretty messed up. But look at me now… I AM YOUR GOOD WIFE!!!"

What I am saying is… don’t look or wait for a good man/woman, coz there just isn’t one. Learn from Mr Hubby instead; he know how to spot a gem (which is moi) & possessed the skill to polish a diamond from the rough. hehehe….

Well in any case, audition for, good men (to intro to our gal friend) & good women (to intro to my bro-in-law), starts now. Email me your particulars and in a few short sentences illustrate how good you are, as a man/woman. Only successful candidantes will be notified ok.

The right person at the wrong time is unfated.  The wrong person at the right time is ill-fated. The wrong person at the wrong time is doom-fated!


Of Being FAT!

Being fat is seriously DEPRESSING!!! :(((((

I ain’t some flyweight, petite size little thing to begin with. But at the very least, I was okay with my prenatal figure. I have the boobs, the looks and I can get into my slinky dresses without looking too much like a dumpling. Now… things are just looking so grey… almost black for me.

One month post-natal and I am still wearing my maternity shorts & bermudas!!! Wear anything else; I would just be bursting the seams of it! This has so affected my moods, my confidence, my self-esteem…. arrgghhh…. my everything!

Recently, while chatting casually with my maid, I found out that Mr Hubby had a picture of him & his ex-gf tucked at a corner of his car (my maid saw it while cleaning the car interior). Perhaps he must have forgotten that he still has it (coz he just keeps too many things in his car). If this happened in the past, I would have felt nothing, but now I was actually sadden for days, by this discovery. And one thing leads to another. I remembered that he kept his entire collection of all his past ex-gfs’ photos in his bedroom, back at his parents’ place. I suddenly felt so sour even though they are all history and he has no intention of moving any part of that collection over to our new home.

Retrosepctively I wouldn’t care a fuck about it, coz I was dead sure I was more chio than any of them (even though, I hadn’t seen any of them before), had the most interesting personality, was much more attractive, had the prettiest eyes… blah… blah… blah… And most importantly, I get to be his wife and not any of them. But now… things are just different, not like it’s really different… but kinda like I am different. It’s complex, but I am sure you know what I meant.

This is getting so extreme that I have no desire to doll myself up, I avoid looking into the mirror, I no longer wanna take pictures of myself. Even when I go out with Mr Hubby, I wondered if people is gonna be judgmental and find us incompatible. It’s like: "Why is this good-looking chap going out with this fat aunty. His eyes got stamps ar, so sayang lor."





Yar, I know I am just being cranky & thinks way too much. Haiz……

Terence_cindyDeep down inside me, I know that I married the most wonderful man who loves me very very much & will not leave me just because I piled up the pounds to give birth to our lovely baby. But when the weighing scale tips up, my confidence takes the nosedive.

Someone said it takes 9 months to pile up; it takes 9 months to shed them away. But my sanity just can’t wait that long. I don’t ask to be tiny, just let me be me… the old me who weighs 10 kg lighter! I AM SO FUCKING DESPERATE TO BE SLIM!!!!!

PS: Gosh! Look at my spare tires!!!!!!! Somebody kill me please!


It’s that resolution time again

Happy New Year, everybody! May 2008 be an ass-kicking good year for all!

Last year, I made some New Year’s resolutions that sounded like mission impossible. But hey, surprisingly it was "been there, done that" for most of the resolutions that I set. Top of the list was to quit smoking and DAMN! I did just that! I gave up smoking with just one single attempt, after indulging in it for 13 years. Can you beat that?!

Well this year, I am not gonna set too many resolutions, because I have to be fucking focus this year. There would only be ONE resolution and that is to LOSE THOSE FUCKING POST-NATAL POUNDS!!!

One day (21 days after giving birth to Laetitia), I was shopping at AMK Hub, I saw this top which I fancied. So I asked the shop assistant if there is a fitting room. Instead of answering my question directly, she beat around the bush & said, "This one only one-size & the cutting is very small hor." Super Chao C.B lor!! I just walked out of the shop and vowed never to return.

And then during Laetitia’s full month celebration, one of my aunt who was of super heavy-weight jokingly told me that she wanna pass her clothes to me since we are now of the same size. WOW KAOZ!!!


Dsc01149_1I am not gonna look at this picture and sighed. I wanna be skinny than how I used to be!!

That si cha bor from AMK Hub, just you wait & see!!

Desperate people needs desperate measures…