The Husband

大男人… what exactly is a 大男人?

Contrary to what most people (mainly males) believe, to be a 大男人 one must act machiam he is sar sar boh chio in front of his friends; he must call the shots and dictate how his woman must dress or behave in public. He also has to act sibei cool all the time and cannot show affections to his woman openly. When paying tabs, he wants to be seen picking it up, even though the money might be coming out of his woman’s pockets instead of his! He would risk a showdown with his woman, than to be teased by his groups of 猪朋狗友 for not hanging out with them at the clubs.

They are so unusually good at putting up facade. This kind of superficial 大男人 is like an inflatable sex doll! They are usually "full of air" but are pretty much empty inside. I even think that they might be wearing women’s panties underneath those pair of pants. What I meant was, without their women, they are probably not worth a thing afterall.



Mr Hubby is a 大男人, and he is the real McCoy.

He never has to "apply permit" from me to go anywhere. He gets to go & play mahjong right thru the night without coming home to a "black-faced" wife. He can go boozing as and when his kakis jio him, but he knows his limits. When he wanna watch football, nobody will be fighting with him for that TV remote. When he stays out late, he will not get phone calls screaming at him to get his ass back home right away.

And I, his precious wife, don’t nag and had never… ya, you are seeing it right, NEVER shouted at him before!

Before you start throwing your pities at me, I want to let you know that I was (in my previous relationships) the one wearing the pants. I had been there, done that, as the "BOSS", but it was miserable. I had to see to every fuck things, from controlling the finance.. to giving curfews.. to approving which friends they should be hanging out with.. to worrying if they make enough money.. to all types of decisions making..

And you know what, if shit happens, I had to be the one to clean it up for them! I was more like their Mom, for God’s sake!

Now with Mr Hubby, I just chill most of the time. I am relishing my role as his 小女人; finally I get to be the one who fuck things up, to be worried of and to be scolded sometimes. Even though this may come across to some feminist, that I am very the 没有用. But who cares, as long as he loves me, cares for me, gives me sense of security, pampers me with flowers & gifts and never let me have a chance to worry about money and/or anything at home, so be it.


To me 这样才是undisputedly真正的大男人!


PS: If you are wondering why am I paw-ing Mr Hubby with this entry.. Well, let’s just say he got me a really nice watch for my birthday. And July is our 1st wedding anniversary, I am looking forward to have my old wallet replaced.

PSS: Yes, I am a 小女人. 有点小聪明的女人. Hehehe…

PSSS: This is my 1st cam-whoring pic, post-natal. And I can’t believe I am still looking so cute. LOL!


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