The Maid

Resize_2 Since Nov, last year, I employed a foreign domestic help, commonly known to us as the maid. If you expecting some terrible tales of crazy & violent maid or the usual complaints of them being lazy, scheming or simply idiotic; I sorry to disappoint you, I do not have any of those.

Karein, my maid, has so far given me no worries or problem. She takes good care of my Laetitia, cooks fairly well, has initiatives and can get along well with me, Mr Hubby, Laetitia and even our dog, Oki. Some said it is all too early to tell; well I don’t know, that’s why I am keeping ALL MY DAMN FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED!

People who had visited me over at my place, commented that I treat my maid too well and she is so lucky to have such an easy life working for me.

1) Karein gets to eat anything she wants, from drinking Coke to eating tidbits.

But when she eats too much, I will hint to her about it and she will limit herself and there is no hard feelings about it. Most importantly, she will not steal my food or Laetitia’s food.

2) She can sit and watch TV with us.

Provided she had finished her all her chores already. Anyway, if there are things to be done in the midst of watching, she will automatically go and do it.

3) She chats with me about anything under the sun.

It’s my way of knowing the background of a person without making her feels too intimidated. And it’s also my way of letting her know what kind of person I am. I can be your nicest boss but I could also be your worst nightmare. You choose.

4) She can retire to bed early if Laetitia is already sleeping.

At times, when we need her to work later than her rest time, she has no complain, coz she knows, it’s give and take.

5) I allow her to talk to the neighbor’s maid.

As long as she gets her job done, she is free to talk. It’s always nice to know that there is someone from your country when you are a foreigner. Gossip about me or my family? Sure! But there is just absolutely nothing juicy about us. We are plain BORING!

Why do I treat her so well? For just one reason, she takes care of my precious daughter! If she treats Laetitia well, I will in turn treat her well. I am sure Karein understands the rules of this game perfectly.

I had seen and heard about employers who simply cannot stand it when their maids got nothing to do, they die die also must find something for their maids to do. I am not saying that everyone should treat your maid like the way I treat mine. But sometimes I think we should just give them and ourselves a break. If you treat them like robots or slave, how can you then expect them to love you & your kids?

And please stop using the "abusive maid caught by hidden camera" issue and ask me if my maid will beat my baby. Don’t stereotype ALL MAIDS to be like that bitch, it’s not fair. Remember, there were also abusive employers and employers who murdered their maids. How would you feel if the maids labelled us, EMPLOYERS, as slave-driving fucker?? Anyhow, entering the life/lives of stranger/s is a gamble, both maid and employer takes the same risk.

OK, with all that said, I am not implying that we should give 100% trust to our maids and let them rule our house. That’s why, when I returned to work, we would be putting Laetitia and my maid up at my in-laws, in that way, everybody has a peace of mind.

The bottom-line is: Love All, Trust Few & Do Wrong to None!


That was a heavy topic, maybe this video will help lighten the mood up a little.

Featuring Laetitia, who was trying to get Karein to "talk" to her when Karein was watching TV.


1 Response to “The Maid”

  1. March 23, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    can ur maid come and part time for me when i go back?

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