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Married & Sexy, how’s that!!

One bugger wrote this to me:

"Wha liao eh have a kid and married still post so sexy…….. Haizzz……." (The stupid cow, actually spelled ‘pose’ as ‘post’.)

WTF?? After marriage &/or giving birth, I should turn myself into a ar soh meh?

Only unmarried young girls are permitted be alluring meh?

Wu xiao boh?!?!?!

And the best thing is… I don’t even know this guy!

What a KPO stranger! Kan san ba lor, this person!!

Next time hor, get yourself a prudish auntie as your wife. Everytime you see her, you get so turn off that you eventually develop erectile dyfunction OK!

As for other people’s wife who look sexy; please keep the comments to yourself. Because we are so not interested in your fucking opinion lor.


I like to camwhore & act sexy leh, cannot meh?!

Shoot me lah!!


Super Weight, Ancient Sofa

We were at Mr Hubby’s grandma’s place just now. And the stupid sofa that we were sitting on suddenly gave way. Guess what!? Mr Hubby laughed at me and said the sofa was crushed under my weight! But that damn sofa is super ancient already lor! So don’t blame me or my fat ass for it lor!!


生lah! 生lah! 生了变母猪!! 还被老公笑lor!!!

ANGRY hor!!!


Dsc01741_2 Ok. Here’s my lil’ piglet!