Married & Sexy, how’s that!!

One bugger wrote this to me:

"Wha liao eh have a kid and married still post so sexy…….. Haizzz……." (The stupid cow, actually spelled ‘pose’ as ‘post’.)

WTF?? After marriage &/or giving birth, I should turn myself into a ar soh meh?

Only unmarried young girls are permitted be alluring meh?

Wu xiao boh?!?!?!

And the best thing is… I don’t even know this guy!

What a KPO stranger! Kan san ba lor, this person!!

Next time hor, get yourself a prudish auntie as your wife. Everytime you see her, you get so turn off that you eventually develop erectile dyfunction OK!

As for other people’s wife who look sexy; please keep the comments to yourself. Because we are so not interested in your fucking opinion lor.


I like to camwhore & act sexy leh, cannot meh?!

Shoot me lah!!


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