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Oh my god, this little girl is super cute, very irresistible!! The “Watever” soft drink should get her to do a TV commercial.

I would love to have a daughter just like her. hehehe…


The War of the Roses

WarrosesMany years ago… I think it was 1989, I watched this film "The War of the Roses"; it was about a couple who had loved each other for many years and had their marriage turned soured and eventually into hatred and they tried to destroy one another.

I was much younger then, and didn’t think love can possibly go so wrong… Now, I am converted believer that love is capable of turning into hatred/vengeance.

But I am glad I can see things beyond most people and realized that at the end of the day, it’s not how much you had gained or how you had won, it’s how much forgiveness you had and how you had led your life, that matters.

There is a quote, I tried to live my life by:

"Love many. Trust few. Do wrong to none."

Dsc00249 ….. This is frighteningly sad world!

…. and my wireless is still down! WTF!!


Romeo & Juliet



During my ‘O’ level (more than 15 years ago already lah), Romeo & Juliet was one of the books I studied for my Lit paper. If only this show by Leonardo was available then, I think I wouldn’t be getting a C5 for it

I wasn’t a huge fan of R&J, but I definitely love this show; it had modernized and injected life this rather dull & stupid Shakespear’s play.

Some people called it the greatest love story, some said it was a romantic tragedy. I will simply summarized it as a story about two fucking immature and crazily infatuated teens taking their childish fantasy a bit too far!

Why I say that? What kind of love is that when you fall for the person in one night, marry the person the next day and then go out and kill yourself when the other died, all in a span of a few days?

Romeo & Juliet were lucky that they were dead in less than a week of their hurricane love affair. Think about it, if they lived on, they would have regretted their fucked-up and irrational decision; rushing to tie a knot without considering the consequences. You think they could live happily ever after? I say, they would probably hate each other after 6 months!

If William Shakespear can come back to life in our era, he will know that his story is a fucking joke to me! I will tell the following to William:

1) They are mere kids! They are like 14 or 16 yrs old (I can’t remember their actual age, but I know they are just bloody teenagers), what the fuck do they know about life?? And they aren’t even the legal age to drink, smoke and have sex yet!!

2) They married each other within 24 hours. Tell me how much can you understand a person in 24 hours to determine if you want to spend your entire life together?

3) Romeo fought & killed Tybalt, who was a cousin of Juliet. Can you fucking love a person who slayed your childhood playmate? Even if you can, you think Romeo don’t have to do time in jail? And are you telling me, Juliet will patiently and lovingly wait for Romeo’s release? Look, it’s MANSLAUGHTER, we are talking about here.

4) Their family are arch-rivals. You think they are going to have it easy with their in-laws. Marriages are known to break down because they hated their in-laws and the miserable husbands were usually sandwiched between the wife and the mother.

5) Romeo quickly dropped his love for Rosaline, at the instant he met Juliet; just goes to say how fickle this man is, you think he will make a faithful husband meh?

Everything is so bloody childish lor! Fairytales are crap!


Last word: For everything that I had felt for R&J, it was really a fucking miracle that I didn’t get a F9 for that year’s Lit paper. LOL!!  ;P


WTF!!! LOLzz….

Just what’s the fuck was he thinking, when he made this video of himself?? Gosh!! Using the soundtrack of Moulin Rouge, one of my fav movie, some more!

Check out the toilet roll he stuff in his underwear to "enhance" his penis. OMG!! I can die laughing at his moves.



PS: Special thanks to an "identity-protected" reader, you made my day!! At least, now I don’t feel so miserable being at home, on MC until 10 Feb. ROARRRRR….


My Finer Side…

Dsc02795Watched the last episode of "The Finer Side", a show all about the rich, no… the filthy rich… er…. no… the fucking filthy rich!!

I am glad, the show had finally ended… it’s depressive!

Everything in the shows are on the ritzy socialites, showing of their wealthy and their super glamorous lifestyle. The diamonds they buy, the luxurious cars they drive, the yachts they own, the houses they live in, the parties they go to, the extravagant…

Are these really all that give you the finer side of LIFE??

Only thru wealth can you experience that side of life?

In my work, I have brushed shoulders with the socialites on several occasions. All that bitching and the side-cheeks smooching at parties, all that glitz and glitters, all that hi and bye… I have just one word…. SUPERFICIAL!

I seriously didn’t see anything finer of their lives… perhaps my definition of finer side of life isn’t quite the norm.

Have no doubt, I am pragmatic. But like I mentioned Dsc02767in my earlier blog entry… Earning more $$ than before, didn’t make me a happier person…nor do I experience the finer side.

Ya…. maybe I am just fucking moronic!

So what is your finer side of life then???

With reference to :


A Distasteful “Banquet”

Mr Ex- Schoolmate knew that I had not been to the movie for a long time. (coz nobody wanna date me mah) Last evening, he was pretty insistent about bringing me to the cinema. But there weren’t much choices, because LOT 1’s cinema is so fucking pathetic lor!

Between Miami Vice, John Tucker Must Die, The Haunted Apartment and The Banquet, I immediately ruled out "The Haunted Apartment"!! And I suggested "The Banquet", but Mr Ex-Schoolmate was a little apprehensive about it. He claimed that it is an "ARTISTIC" show and he is not so into that. I psycho him, telling him, it’s not going to be that artistic, this is more of an action movie, sword-fighting and what have you. Worst to the worst, I will explain to him, if he don’t get it.

Just shortly after the screening of the courtesy ad, reminding us to silent our hp. Some fucker hp rang and he shamelessly picked it up and started KPKB on his hp lor. NB, he was fucking buah zi dong lor! Mr Ex-Schoolmate was irritated and Shsss..! at him. I was wondering if I wanna let Mr Ex-Schoolmate know the REAL REASON for not visiting cinema that often… Err… As I am impulsive… There were at least 2 incidents happened in the past, that I stood up, turned around, glared and scolded vulgarities this type of irritants. (ya… in that exact sequence) Causing the people who came to the movie with me, lots of distress… ( *_*")

The_banquetSorry… A little carried away there… Anyway this show is all about SEX & VIOLENCE lor. Although it was beautifully filmed, but the content of the movie seriously lack substances lor! Every characters of that movie, was predictable. The plot was too simple and totally lack the feel of conspiracy. The most nan bei part was the ending. Zhang Ziyi, AKA the empress was murdered by a flying dagger coming from nowhere. Then hor… the movie just ended like that… also dunno who murder her, murder her for what fuck. CB, I hate to be hanged on the line like that!

I turned to Mr Ex-Schoolmate, "Huh?? Finish?? Who kill her lor?". He shrugged his shoulder, shook his head and let out a sigh. With a sheepish smirk, snuggling up to him, I told him," I promise you lor, I will never suggest this type of show anymore ok…."

That night, while I was still wondering to myself, why had I made such a lousy choice of show, Mr Ex-Schoolmate was already fast asleep…. he is probably cursing Feng Xiaogang (the director) in his dreams for wasting his money!

Sorry lah… Let’s watch "The Departed" for our next movie date. My treat lor this time… 😛The_departed


If Only

If_onlyI am not going to be a spoiler this time. I would not be letting you in on the synopsis of this show.

All I am gonna say is that everyone who think that your relationship is not getting anywhere or feel dissatisfied with your lover somehow, should really catch this. Oh heck! All lovers out there, should watch it!!

Watch it as a couple. Cry thru it together. And you will love each other like there is no tomorrow, after the show.

Yes, you are correct. I cried again. Ya… Ya… Ya… I don’t have any relationship, but na bei lah, I still have the right to cry ok!

Go watch and come tell me if this show had made you guys appreciate each other more. Ok boh?

Damn you couples… so in love… Haiz…makes me feel so pathetic! 😛

Poster Watch this too… it’s damn good!