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Married & Sexy, how’s that!!

One bugger wrote this to me:

"Wha liao eh have a kid and married still post so sexy…….. Haizzz……." (The stupid cow, actually spelled ‘pose’ as ‘post’.)

WTF?? After marriage &/or giving birth, I should turn myself into a ar soh meh?

Only unmarried young girls are permitted be alluring meh?

Wu xiao boh?!?!?!

And the best thing is… I don’t even know this guy!

What a KPO stranger! Kan san ba lor, this person!!

Next time hor, get yourself a prudish auntie as your wife. Everytime you see her, you get so turn off that you eventually develop erectile dyfunction OK!

As for other people’s wife who look sexy; please keep the comments to yourself. Because we are so not interested in your fucking opinion lor.


I like to camwhore & act sexy leh, cannot meh?!

Shoot me lah!!


Super Weight, Ancient Sofa

We were at Mr Hubby’s grandma’s place just now. And the stupid sofa that we were sitting on suddenly gave way. Guess what!? Mr Hubby laughed at me and said the sofa was crushed under my weight! But that damn sofa is super ancient already lor! So don’t blame me or my fat ass for it lor!!


生lah! 生lah! 生了变母猪!! 还被老公笑lor!!!

ANGRY hor!!!


Dsc01741_2 Ok. Here’s my lil’ piglet!


Someone is stealing my identity!!

There is an imposter who is using my photo & my first name to start a profile in FACEBOOK. The name of the profile is "Cindy Ling"

I don’t know to laugh or cry. KNN, I never knew that I am so goddamn chio until some pathetic asshole needs to "steal" my picture to use.

This fucker (regardless whether it’s a he or she) must be either kan si lang hideous looking or perhaps is born deformed, or maybe it got face that resembled a piece of melted cheese on cow dung!!

Please delete her if do not know her. If she is your personal friend, tell her to get her own photo, as well as



** (action) 90 degree bow


Thank you very much.











BTW, I only have ONE profile in FACEBOOK. It is purely for people that I truly know & I will not simply add any ah neow or ah kow that I do not know!


Work of a mother

I will be returning to work on Monday. After a super long break since last Dec, I would be fucking lying if I say I am looking forward to it!

With me starting work, my baby and maid will have to stay over at my in-law’s from Sun night to Wed evening. This will be the first time my Laetitia will be away from me since birth. The thought of not seeing her, not able to hug and kiss her, kills me!!

Dsc01634_1Few days back, I had the joy of witnessing Laetitia rolled over (with some assistance from me) for the first time; I was ecstatic! When the excitement died down, I started to cry; for it dawned upon me that I might most probably not be there to witness her first crawl, her first step or hear her first word, because I am a working mom! I felt really upset & short-changed!

If you are thinking then why don’t I be a stay-home-mom instead. Read on.

Number 1: you aren’t living in Singapore hence you don’t realize that being a stay-home-mom here is really a fucking luxury and not everyone can afford to do so.

Number 2: your husband is bloody well-to-do hence it is easier for you to pass cynical comment than to donate some of that wealth to me.

Number 3: you are just a minor and you hadn’t tasted adulthood yet to understand complexities or reality.

Number 4: you are from my granny’s time, when a woman’s job is really about getting laid, giving birth, looking after the kids and doing housework.

Number 5: you are a stay-home-mom who preached about the greatness of being a martyr for the family, even though you are secretly envious of your financially independent lady friends.

In the law of nature, the work of a mother is to be the care-taker to her baby. But in Singapore, this fucking rat racing society, our government not only encourages mothers to work, they even propose that the grandmothers should also work, hence the talk of delaying CPF withdrawal, re-employment of the retirees and stuff I don’t want to know.


I remembered I was doing my appraisal with my manager when I was around 4-5 months pregnant. I was ambitious and wanted to go regional. She, a mother of two, told me that after giving birth I might change my mind and would perhaps rearrange my all priorities. And boy, she was dead right! Nowadays even a 2-day meeting in KL (happening in the week after next) becomes a BIG deal to me. I think I should just kiss regional work goodbye!

I had to agree, while it’s not totally impossible for me to be a stay-home-mom, it’s just my very personally choice. A choice to be bountiful rather than risking not having enough. Yes, you can argue that 有钱不是万能的. A baby needs love more than expensive toys. But 没钱绝对是万万不能; when you are damn vexed about debts and all, you think you got the mood to play with your baby?! And I also believe in this chinese saying: 贫贱夫妻百世哀. (translated losely in english as "poor couples live in sorrow for century to come"). If we aren’t living our lives blissfully, how could we give Laetitia happiness then?

Well, I had the best time of my life taking care of Laetitia. If only time can come to stand still… ok, I know that is impossible.

Erm… then how about letting us strike a few millions in toto then!?!?


I love being Laetitia’s mommy; even if it means I became FAT (at the beginning), look frumpy, face the world without makeup, or smell like stale milk.



The Dog

I have not been able to sleep for several nights… and I don’t see that this ordeal will be ending any time soon.

Recently my mind has became an overworked chamber, filled with a whirlpool of vexing thoughts, frustrations, self-doubts, negativities, dreadful decisions, and the list goes on.

When I shut my eyes, images popped up, like a broken down slide show. They take on the forms of: Dog. Maid. Baby. Husband. Work. Money. And calendar; which hints that the end of my maternity leave is near.

(I will blog about them one by one, but not in any respective order.)

This entry is gonna be on : The Dog


Since I started having Oki (right one in the picture) 7 years back, I had not for once, thought of giving him up, despite the fact that he is not the most obedient or fantastic dog. He barks his head off when we are not at home. He pees on EVERYONE’s beds. He scratches the door and makes such a din that it keeps you up ALL NIGHT.

I thought I love him a hell lot… but I am only human, a fucking human!

With the pressure of having too much (new baby, new house, new maid, more commitments), I must have lost it. I find myself unable to cope with Oki’s endless demand of attentions. I can’t tolerate his "pranks" like I used to. I ran out of patience to correct him.

Soon I found myself resenting him. I hated it when he keeps me up all night with his nonsense. I hated it when he barked so much until my neighbors made complaints on us. I hated it when I see the damages he inflicted on our doors.

I found myself hating the one thing that used to bring me joy!!!!!!!

I hated me, for hating him.

And for all that hatreds, I developed a radical decision, I want to give him away! It was one of the hardest decision that I had made in my life. I dug out all the justifications for the conclusion to this awful decision.

-I reminded myself that he was better off with someone… or anyone.

-I reminded myself that he might cause allergies to our baby.

-I reminded myself that he would be tearing the house down when I goes back to work.

-I reminded myself of the nightly terrors he creates.

-I reminded myself of all the inconvenience that he had brought about.

-I reminded myself of all those restrictions I had because of him.

With all the above "substantial evidences" I had on him, I could have went ahead, but somehow I procrastinated. There was such a huge turmoil inside me. Finally I broke down and cried my heart out. I can no longer contain the evilness in my mind. I can’t believe I am actually capable of hurting Oki. I had became someone else, someone whom I would have detested, if it was in the past.

In the end, it was Mr Hubby who helped me to find myself. He helped me to decided that we are going to try to overcome the obstacles and keep Oki by our sides. In him, I regained the strength to face our problematic dog together instead of throwing it out of the door. (Dear, if you are reading this. Thank you. You are the best thing in my life!)


Meanwhile, Oki still barks when we are out, still find every chance to pee on our beds, still marks the doors with scratches, still terrorizes us every night like clockwork and Laetitia (our baby) still have those occasional rashes. And I am still bitting my teeth & praying that one day all these would stop.



Someone said, "The world is a huge classroom, every difficulties in our lives are our tests."


P/S: And I am supposed to learn something out of them every time?!?! DAMN!!


P/S/S: Like it or not, there will be a series of other test awaiting me… or even you… or us. Arrgghhh…. I know, it sure feels like FUCK!!!


Maid Abuses Baby

Dsc01468It was on the news last night, the video footage from a CCTV, captured how the fucking CB Indonesian maid kicked and slapped the 2 mths old baby repeatedly. If you missed it, you can still catch it on youtube (

It had sparked off chains of comments on YouTube and some other forums. Most were expressing empathies to the poor baby, but some were arguing if the employers were mean to their maid for a start. Others gave, what I thought were silly comments, about "choosing a maid carefully", I bet these people never employed a FDW before.

Tell me, how do you choose "CAREFULLY"? A maid is a human, any fucking human can lie and act like machiam they damn good in front of you what! Some more, most of the time, you select these FDW based on their bio-data, which are just a heap of bullshits to begin with! Unless you are taking rejected maids (like mine), or there weren’t be a chance for you to interview them face to face. Even with an interview, what can you possibly determine out, from that brief moment of encounter?

Hiring a FDW is just a gamble! Good or bad, you won’t know until she shows her true colors. But I also believe in treating the FDW with respect & dignity, as for the rest, you just have to keep your fingers (toes, if it is not enough) crossed.

I watched the news last night, with my own maid, Karein, who incidentally, is the care-giver to my 2 mth old Laetitia too. Karein condemned the crazy maid, but she thought that the maid might be pissed with her employers; hence she took it out on their baby. We talked about it openly. I told her, we are all adults, if there is anything you aren’t happy about, tell me, we can iron it out, or if you cannot stand us and hated us, we can let you quit, but never ever bottled things inside and then vent it on Laetitia. Because Laetitia is young and innocent; she can do no wrong. Karein nodded in agreement and added that she is not afraid to voice out her thoughts to me. I guess I am super easy to talk to lah. Meanwhile I am keeping my fingers (and every goddamn "cross-able" parts of my body) tightly crossed!Dsc01467

Part of me is damn apprehensive; but I want to believe that there is still humanity in this world and there are good maids around, who are responsible and genuinely care for us.

Hopefully Karein will always love our lil’ piglet, Laetitia; for she is so cute, it is just hard to get pissed with her.