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Real Women, Real Sizes

Recently someone told me I look like the female lead of the Korean drama, 青蛙王子拜金女. This was the second time, I was told to resemble Korean actress. Sometimes back, someone also had commented that I look like another Korean actress from the show, 我叫金三顺.Jin_san_shun









Of coz, I was thrilled initially, thinking that I look like some gorgeous Korean pop stars. However when I finally caught the shows, then I started to realize… the similarities between me and them are:

1) They are women in their 30s = lao chai bor!

2) Big in size = FAT lao eh pui chai bor!!

3) Real women, who are candid in characters = lao pui chai bor who kan chor wei, if u pissed her off!!!


Hmm… don’t seem very flattering after all leh…    -_-”

But then I think again, WTF, I am not petite and most likely NEVER gonna be, so why try so hard to fit into something I am not right. I might as well just celebrate the fact for who I am.

Yes! I am not slim but I am BEAUTIFUL and what about you?…

There are so many women out there, who never felt beautiful all their lives. They might be slim or dying to be slim… some even literally dying. But being slim don’t necessary equals to being pretty.

She is kan si lang slim just skin & bones… so is she beautiful?

Anorexia_billboard .





Yes, beauty can be very subjective. We can all argue until the cows come home and yet not come to a conclusion, who is beautiful & who isn’t.


Dsc01731Bottom-line is, I am a REAL WOMAN of REAL SIZE. & I wouldn’t give a fuck about what you might say of my enormous waistline or my thunderous thighs!



PS: FYI, the love rivals of both 金三顺 & 吴秀晶,  were really slim, but guess who won the hearts of their guys in the end.


So demoralized!

Finding clothes to wear to work has become my week-daily chore… so far I had only managed to squeeze into 2 of my work pants and those waist-less dresses!!

I am seriously running out of stuff to wear. -_-”

5 more kgs to go…

FUCK! I think I said that many weeks ago, and it is still 5 more kgs!!

I reached what I think is known as the "bottle-neck of weight loss"…. OMG, I am so LOST!!!




The Maid

Resize_2 Since Nov, last year, I employed a foreign domestic help, commonly known to us as the maid. If you expecting some terrible tales of crazy & violent maid or the usual complaints of them being lazy, scheming or simply idiotic; I sorry to disappoint you, I do not have any of those.

Karein, my maid, has so far given me no worries or problem. She takes good care of my Laetitia, cooks fairly well, has initiatives and can get along well with me, Mr Hubby, Laetitia and even our dog, Oki. Some said it is all too early to tell; well I don’t know, that’s why I am keeping ALL MY DAMN FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED!

People who had visited me over at my place, commented that I treat my maid too well and she is so lucky to have such an easy life working for me.

1) Karein gets to eat anything she wants, from drinking Coke to eating tidbits.

But when she eats too much, I will hint to her about it and she will limit herself and there is no hard feelings about it. Most importantly, she will not steal my food or Laetitia’s food.

2) She can sit and watch TV with us.

Provided she had finished her all her chores already. Anyway, if there are things to be done in the midst of watching, she will automatically go and do it.

3) She chats with me about anything under the sun.

It’s my way of knowing the background of a person without making her feels too intimidated. And it’s also my way of letting her know what kind of person I am. I can be your nicest boss but I could also be your worst nightmare. You choose.

4) She can retire to bed early if Laetitia is already sleeping.

At times, when we need her to work later than her rest time, she has no complain, coz she knows, it’s give and take.

5) I allow her to talk to the neighbor’s maid.

As long as she gets her job done, she is free to talk. It’s always nice to know that there is someone from your country when you are a foreigner. Gossip about me or my family? Sure! But there is just absolutely nothing juicy about us. We are plain BORING!

Why do I treat her so well? For just one reason, she takes care of my precious daughter! If she treats Laetitia well, I will in turn treat her well. I am sure Karein understands the rules of this game perfectly.

I had seen and heard about employers who simply cannot stand it when their maids got nothing to do, they die die also must find something for their maids to do. I am not saying that everyone should treat your maid like the way I treat mine. But sometimes I think we should just give them and ourselves a break. If you treat them like robots or slave, how can you then expect them to love you & your kids?

And please stop using the "abusive maid caught by hidden camera" issue and ask me if my maid will beat my baby. Don’t stereotype ALL MAIDS to be like that bitch, it’s not fair. Remember, there were also abusive employers and employers who murdered their maids. How would you feel if the maids labelled us, EMPLOYERS, as slave-driving fucker?? Anyhow, entering the life/lives of stranger/s is a gamble, both maid and employer takes the same risk.

OK, with all that said, I am not implying that we should give 100% trust to our maids and let them rule our house. That’s why, when I returned to work, we would be putting Laetitia and my maid up at my in-laws, in that way, everybody has a peace of mind.

The bottom-line is: Love All, Trust Few & Do Wrong to None!


That was a heavy topic, maybe this video will help lighten the mood up a little.

Featuring Laetitia, who was trying to get Karein to "talk" to her when Karein was watching TV.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I am thinking of leaving…


Moving to another realm…


But where should I head to?


I seriously need a change.


Tell me where should I head to?


Blogger? WordPress? Xanga? Myspace? Livejournal?


It got to be:

1) FREE 





Any idea??


The Husband

大男人… what exactly is a 大男人?

Contrary to what most people (mainly males) believe, to be a 大男人 one must act machiam he is sar sar boh chio in front of his friends; he must call the shots and dictate how his woman must dress or behave in public. He also has to act sibei cool all the time and cannot show affections to his woman openly. When paying tabs, he wants to be seen picking it up, even though the money might be coming out of his woman’s pockets instead of his! He would risk a showdown with his woman, than to be teased by his groups of 猪朋狗友 for not hanging out with them at the clubs.

They are so unusually good at putting up facade. This kind of superficial 大男人 is like an inflatable sex doll! They are usually "full of air" but are pretty much empty inside. I even think that they might be wearing women’s panties underneath those pair of pants. What I meant was, without their women, they are probably not worth a thing afterall.



Mr Hubby is a 大男人, and he is the real McCoy.

He never has to "apply permit" from me to go anywhere. He gets to go & play mahjong right thru the night without coming home to a "black-faced" wife. He can go boozing as and when his kakis jio him, but he knows his limits. When he wanna watch football, nobody will be fighting with him for that TV remote. When he stays out late, he will not get phone calls screaming at him to get his ass back home right away.

And I, his precious wife, don’t nag and had never… ya, you are seeing it right, NEVER shouted at him before!

Before you start throwing your pities at me, I want to let you know that I was (in my previous relationships) the one wearing the pants. I had been there, done that, as the "BOSS", but it was miserable. I had to see to every fuck things, from controlling the finance.. to giving curfews.. to approving which friends they should be hanging out with.. to worrying if they make enough money.. to all types of decisions making..

And you know what, if shit happens, I had to be the one to clean it up for them! I was more like their Mom, for God’s sake!

Now with Mr Hubby, I just chill most of the time. I am relishing my role as his 小女人; finally I get to be the one who fuck things up, to be worried of and to be scolded sometimes. Even though this may come across to some feminist, that I am very the 没有用. But who cares, as long as he loves me, cares for me, gives me sense of security, pampers me with flowers & gifts and never let me have a chance to worry about money and/or anything at home, so be it.


To me 这样才是undisputedly真正的大男人!


PS: If you are wondering why am I paw-ing Mr Hubby with this entry.. Well, let’s just say he got me a really nice watch for my birthday. And July is our 1st wedding anniversary, I am looking forward to have my old wallet replaced.

PSS: Yes, I am a 小女人. 有点小聪明的女人. Hehehe…

PSSS: This is my 1st cam-whoring pic, post-natal. And I can’t believe I am still looking so cute. LOL!


Happy Birthday To Me

It’s 23rd February again, and it makes me 32 this year!!!!!

Oh Fuck! I am OLD!!

Backtrack to 22nd February ———->>>>

Having lived 2/5 of my life (that is assuming I will die at the age of 80), I looked back at the treacherous path I had been through, I am amazed that I got to where I am. OK, I survived killing myself, I lived through sever depression/mental disorder, I had got over 2 horrible patch of relationships that left me badly bruised. I kicked my addictions to smoking, drinking & popping sleeping pills/anti-anxiety drugs.

I was thinking surely life could only get better.

11.15pm. My baby was asleep. Mr Hubby was watching TV in the study. I sat alone on the swing in the balcony, without the lights. It was the eve of my birthday… and nobody seem interested.

11.45pm. I went back into the bedroom. Baby still sound asleep. I played game on my cell phone.

12.05am. Mr Hubby walked in and told me happy birthday.

12.06pm. He went back to his TV program, only to came back to comfort me an hour later, after seeing that I was pretty upset and that was it. That was my so-called birthday…

Happy Birthday to Myself!!…

This is pathetic, with a capital "P"!!

Just why the fuck am I even blogging about my super un-happening birthday… when I don’t even know if there will be people who bother to read my rubbish!?

Just when I thought my life would only get better! Or would it???


Valentine 2008

This year’s V’day, I decided to make something for my hubby (since all his ex-gfs machiam can make stuff for him, I also want lor. & hor can save $ mah. hehehe…) But I may not be able to fold him paper hearts or stars & I may not be able to make cute cards or teddy bears.


Coz I made my darling Mr Hubby a video using what I do best – MS Powerpoint!

I more steady, right?! LOL!!!!!!!!

…… And Mr Hubby is of coz very touched lah!